What is autism?
What is ABA?

Autism Behavioral Consulting, or ABC, provides evidence-based behavior analytic services and Social Thinking® instruction to children with autism and related disorders of all ages. Each student is assessed using a variety of sources which may include The revised version of the ABLLS ®, Woodcock-Johnson® III NU Tests of Achievement, or an informal Social Thinking® assesssment . Instruction techniques may include Discrete Trial Training, Verbal Behavior, Relationship Development Intervention®, or Floortime®.

Our beliefs:

  • Every student is unique and deserves a specialized program according to their needs and desires.
  • Every student deserves to have fun and enjoy "work" time.
  • Every student needs to develop a means of communication.
  • Every student capable of it needs to learn to be a social thinker.
  • Every family should be involved in and participate in home therapy.
  • Every family should understand their child's educational placement, goals, and progress and be an active participant in that child's educational life.
  • Every parent should be listened to and respected as to what they want their child learning and doing and seen as the primary team leader on their child's team.

To inquire about services, please contact Carla Marxmiller at carla@autismabc.org or 360-524-2306.
Contact Audra Jensen at audra@autismabc.org.
Contact Debbie McCord at debbie@autismabc.org.
Contact Alicia Like at alicia@autismabc.org.
Contact Amanda Melby at amanda@autismabc.org.
Contact Beth-Ann Joyner at bethann@autismabc.org.
Contact Heather Schwartz at heather@autismabc.org.
Contact Mary Kilway at mary@autismabc.org.

ABC location (Vancouver):

9901 NE 7th Ave. Suite C-116
Vancouver, WA 98685

ABC location (Portland):

129 NE 102nd Ave. Suite E
Portland, OR 97220



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